What Is Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care is professional care specifically designed to better the lives and well-being of those with Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is multi-faceted. It involves assisting with services such as:

  • Medical care
  • Medication management
  • Memory care and physical exercises
  • Dietary guidance and assistance
  • Decision-making assistance
  • Housekeeping or laundry services
  • Meal preparation or dining out
  • Companionship services
  • Respite care

In addition to the individual needs of your loved one, many other factors influence the type of care they receive. It is essential to consider the following issues when planning for your loved one’s future:

  • How well does your loved one function on their own?
  • Can they still handle basic activities, such as bathing and dressing? If not, what assistance will they require?
  • What are their interests and hobbies? Are they still able to enjoy these pastimes? If not, how can you modify them to be more enjoyable?
  • Does your loved one have any special medical conditions? This can determine whether they receive Alzheimer’s care at home vs. facility services.

The Benefits of Alzheimer’s Care

We provide Alzheimer’s care because we know how important it is to our patients and their families. At Rosewood, we have proudly provided Alzheimer’s care over the years and seen the many benefits it affords our clients. That is the primary reason we aim to provide the best care. Some of these benefits include:

Socialization and engagement

The company of others is one of the best ways to keep your loved ones engaged and happy, which is important for their mental health. Alzheimer’s patients can often benefit from socialization with other patients who are going through similar issues.

Time management

With Alzheimer’s, time management becomes increasingly difficult as cognitive functions decline. However, caregivers can help manage time by limiting tasks or activities that may overwhelm them at any given time.


While your loved one needs to maintain independence as long as possible, some safety precautions may need to be considered when caring for them at home. Things like gates around stairs and door alarms can help prevent falls or other accidents due to dementia-related confusion or memory loss.  Alzheimer’s is a disease that can be very confusing for the affected person. We help by providing a sense of comfort and care that helps them age in place with dignity and respect.

Features and Amenities

At Rosewood on the Sound, we believe in providing our patients with the best Alzheimer’s care possible. You can rely on us to ensure your loved one receives the following services:

  • Personalized care plans that are developed with you and your family to meet the unique needs of your loved one
  •  A friendly and caring staff that includes nurses and caregivers who are specially trained in Alzheimer’s care
  • A variety of therapies, activities, and programs designed to keep your loved one engaged and active
  • Nutritious meals prepared by a professional chef who works closely with dietitians to ensure the right balance of nutrients for each patient
  • Indoor and outdoor recreational spaces where residents can feel comfortable among others going through similar challenges
  • A 24-hour helpline that offers support when you need it most

Costs and Insurance Coverage

When caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, it’s crucial to know that you are getting the best care possible. At Rosewood on the Sound, we believe that no memory care is successful unless every patient feels safe and valued. We strive to make the cost of care as affordable as possible because we want everyone to have access to high-quality care. We work with your insurance provider to ensure you receive the services required if you’re not paying out-of-pocket. Our team will give you a tour of our Dementia care facilities, explain the Alzheimer’s care options, and ensure you and your loved one get the answers to your questions.

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