At Rosewood on the Sound, we offer a warm, welcoming environment that will make your loved one feel at home. We provide personalized assisted living services with 24-hour supervision. Our Bayville, NY, residences are spacious and include an outdoor garden area where seniors can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Residents can also access various arts and crafts, exercise classes, religious services, day trips, and more! We understand that every family has different needs when it comes to senior living. That’s why we offer different levels of care, including everything from one hour per week of in-home care to full-time assisted living at our residence. We invite you to meet our friendly staff members during one of our free tours so you can see firsthand why we’re different from other assisted living facilities in Bayville, NY.

The Difference Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities differ from nursing homes in several ways. While both settings assist with daily activities, they differ in the care they provide. Overall, nursing facilities provide more intense care than assisted living facilities.

Living Arrangements

In an assisted living facility, residents have their own rooms and bathrooms, while they may share a common kitchen and dining area. In a nursing home, residents usually share rooms and bathrooms with others and typically have access to communal spaces such as lounges or recreation areas.

Level of Senior Care

Assisted living facilities tend to provide more personal care and grooming care than nursing homes. For example, residents generally receive more assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, eating, and dressing than they would in a nursing home.

The staff at an assisted living facility is also highly trained in senior care and has experience working with older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Living Space

Nursing homes are usually larger than assisted living facilities but still smaller than hospitals or skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). On average, nursing homes typically have between 50 and up to 200 patients. Additionally, assisted living facilities typically house less than nursing homes.

Acute Medical Care

Assisted living facilities do not provide acute medical care, while nursing homes do. If your loved one needs constant medical attention, they should live in a nursing home instead of an assisted living facility.

However, if they’re just recovering from surgery or have minor ailments like high blood pressure or diabetes, then an assisted living facility might be better suited for them than a nursing home as it still has decent around-the-clock medical care.

Rent and Other Costs

Residents of long-term care facilities are also typically required to pay rent or a monthly fee for housing and food; these costs are typically lower than at a nursing home. The American Healthcare Association reports that residents can expect to pay almost $90,000 out of pocket per year in a nursing home. Assisted living residences, in contrast, cost around $48,000 per year.

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted living is ideal for those who need a little help with daily activities but still want to maintain their independence. These communities provide residents with the care and support they need, understanding that their needs may change over time.

Here is just a summary of why you should choose assisted living at Rosewood on the Sound:

  • 24-hour supervision, medical care, and assistance with everyday tasks like meals and personal grooming.
  • Social activities and wellness programming to keep residents engaged in life and connected to their community.
  • A dedicated staff member works one-on-one with residents to coordinate services and ensure that each resident has everything they need to maintain their independence.
  • High level of support for seniors with disabilities and other health issues, enabling them to age in place with dignity and comfort.
  • A stable environment filled with opportunities for socialization, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation—all of which help improve quality of life and promote healthy aging.

We understand that there are many things to consider when selecting an assisted living facility. Below is a short list of the top reasons to consider Bayville, NY’s Rosewood on the Sound care facility:

  • We offer personalized care in a warm and engaging environment.
  • Our staff has all the training and experience in senior care to help your loved ones maintain their independence in a safe environment.
  • We have multiple services available to help make your decision easier, including pet visits, transportation assistance, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living services and amenities or arrange an individual tour of our Bayville, NY, residence. Call (516) 628-1350 to schedule your appointment or facilities tour.

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